Café Gabriela

The best Philippine restaurants in Oakland

The Námit Gastrobar restaurant is born from the strength of Inés Lamata and her enthusiasm to fuse the Mediterranean with the typical Philippine cuisine. The name, which in Filipino dialect means delicious, already anticipates what you are going to live in this place that you find in the neighborhood Almagro of Madrid.

Tom Námit Chicken Soup opens your appetite. The delight comes with seconds like salmon tartar, mango, sweet soybeans and a touch of red curry and Visayas-style chicken marinade, accompanied by jasmine rice with a touch of carrot. Finally, the vanilla apple crumble will leave an unbeatable sweet taste on your palate.

Eating and dining are two highly recommended experiences when we talk about the Námit Gastrobar restaurant. But they’re not everything. Come already in the morning to charge batteries with rich breakfasts or enter the Madrid night having your first drinks with your friends. You can’t miss it.

Oakland is undoubtedly earning itself the title of one of the most diverse cities in the world. Lately, it is experiencing a new gastronomic phenomenon thanks to the new waves of Filipino immigrants, who experienced a strong connection with American culture, obviously due to the influence of the colonial era.

The new and interesting culinary explosion mixes ingredients native to USA and traditional techniques from the Philippines. The daring flavors and exotic colorfulness make Philippine food one of the new focus of attention for seasoned foodies.

The basis of Philippine food is an authentic sample of flavors from different countries around the world. At first, the islands were a Muslim kingdom, with all the culinary influences that this entails.

Unforgettable its Bicol Express,

Which contains the two fundamental ingredients of the Province of Bicol: chiles and coconut milk. This dish combines in a balanced way the most daring ways of cooking, represented by very spicy flavors, with the techniques to sauté the bacon accompanied by the delicious coconut milk, which provides its characteristic touch of softness.